Epic Rules

Class levels beyond 20

The pathfinder rules sketch how characters advance beyond 20 class levels. We will not be following those rules. Ignore them. Instead use the following:


The easiest case is having no more levels in a class than the rules provide, and breaking 20 via multiclassing. In this case, everything is as expected. Abilities stack, numbers add, and so on. Additional iteratives are granted at the appropriate points (BAB +21, +26 etc.) (This breaks down eventually, but shouldn’t be a problem here).


Epic level spells exist! Those who played in 300 ARA have seen spells up through 19th level. All spellcasting advancement I am aware of is highly formulaic, simply extend those formulas. (If there’s some that isn’t, let me know, and I’ll come up with something). This does mean that 19th level wizards have access to 10th level spells. I’ve thought about this, and any other progression get awkward fast. (Canonically, inventing a 10th level spell is extremely difficult, and no one prior to the 300 ARA setting had had the time and ability to do it, hence higher level spell slots for metamagic use).
Of course, pathfinder has no spells listed above 9th level, so it’s up to you to come up with them! Write up your idea, send it to me, and I’ll tweak it if I think the power level is off.
Here’s the ones that exist so far:
Epic Spells

Class levels beyond normal progression.

You may have a class you’re attached to, and don’t really want to multiclass. In that case classes (base or prestige) can be extended. Either write something yourself and send it to me for approval, or ask me to extend a class. (e.g., I wrote Spherewalker to 10 levels for Ben’s character in the 300 ARA game) Formulaic progressions (saves, sneak attack, bonus feats, spells, favored enemy and so on) should continue, and other class feature density should remain about the same (wizards get few class features, master spies get many).

Epic Classes which exist so far:
Epic Classes


With sufficient skill, the impossible becomes possible. Some Epic skill DCs can be found here:
Epic Skills

Divine Powers and Mythic Rules

Pathfinder’s new Mythic system will be used to represent deity level abilities (Those possessed by, or granted directly from Deities). Though you will not have a Mythic Tier at the beginning of the arc, you will gain one (assuming you survive long enough). So please familiarize yourselves with the basics of these rules, especially “Mythic Heroes” and “Mythic Magic.”

The term “Deity” in this campaign will refer to an entity that could capable of serving as patron deity for divine spellcasting (whether or not it chooses to). As per the mythic rules, this corresponds to mythic tier 3 or above (See Divine Source). Note however that some beings will have mythic tier above 3 granted by a more powerful mythic being. Such beings may never take the Divine Source path, and are not deities.

Epic Rules

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