Epic Arcana

Additional Magus Arcana for epic levels.

Versatile Enhancement

Prerequisites: Magus 21, Bane Blade or Devoted Blade or Ghost Blade

When the magus enchants his weapon using his arcane pool, he may spend one additional pool point to expand the options for adding special qualities to include any quality that weapon could have.

Compressed Spell

Prerequisite: Magus 21

When the magus is preparing spells, he may prepare any spell with a specific number of targets (including ranged touch spells), as a touch spell.

Expanded Metamagic Arcana

Prerequisite: Magus 24

The magus gains 3 additional uses per day of each metamagic arcana he possesses. (Maximized Magic, Quickened Magic, Empowered Magic, Silent Magic, and Still Magic)

Improved Pool Strike

Prerequisites: Magus 24, Pool Strike

By spending one additional arcane pool point, the magus can increase the damage of his pool strike to 1d6/magus level.

Arcane Insight

Prerequisite: Magus 27

As an immediate action after making a d20 roll (but before knowing the result), the magus can spend an arcane pool point to add his intelligence as an insight bonus to the roll.

Epic Arcana

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