Gear Rules

Magic Item heirarchy

There are a couple of rule sets effecting magic items (including my interpretations to link them together), so here are the categories of items, laid out for convenience.

Normal Items

These are the items you’re used to. Anything you can buy in a normal campaign falls into this category.

Mythic Items

These are items that require the mythic crafting feat to be created, and are generally more effective when wielded by a Mythic character. They are created (sometimes mass produced) by the immediate servants of gods for the use of their chosen champions. Over time, enough of these have been created to create a market for them in the empire. Overlap with legendary items, minor and major artifacts.

Legendary Items

The weapons of the gods. These exist only as the bonded items of creatures with Mythic power. A mythic creature may cause one of their items to ascend to legendary status with the legendary item path ability. Can overlap with Mythic Items, Minor and Major Artifacts.

Minor Artifacts (Epic Items)

Before the Empire, these powerful items were beyond mortal understanding, and were given the somewhat erroneous designation of artifact, which has stuck. Encompasses items that cannot be crafted by characters below 21st level, but can be crafted by those with epic levels. This includes versions of standard items with higher bonuses, as well as those listed as “Minor Artifacts.”
These typically have weaknesses that makes it in principle possible to be destroyed by lower level heroes via some extensive quest. At epic levels, it is much more practical to destroy them with mage’s disjunction (although this does have a 95% probability to cause the appearance of an elderly wizard, annoyed at your disrespect for his fine craftsmanship) .
Overlaps with mythic and legendary items.

Major Artifacts

While increased power and understanding brought minor artifacts entirely into comprehension, it has only increased the awe and mystery of the Major Artifacts. Generally created by unknown primal forces or the gods themselves, they are nigh indestructible, and many are feared even among the gods.
(Do not assume that pfsrd entries are complete.)
The idea that a major artifact could be destroyed with Mage’s Disjunction is widely credited to the intervention in the studies of high level wizards by Andirifkhu, demon lord of illusions and traps. Trying it is not recommended.
Overlaps with mythic items. Occasionally overlaps with legendary items in the case of the least of the major artifacts, or in bonds that are one sided in favor of the artifact.

At Character Creation

These rules are still tentative, If you have better idea, I’d be happy to hear it. Additionally, if you feel these rules unfairly weaken your character, let me know.

At character creation, you may choose 12 items, minor artifact or below. They may be mythic, though remember that you have no mythic tier (and no expectation of ever having one).

Items with variable bonuses are extended to approximately 133% of their max non-artifact level.
E.g. Weapons and armor may have a total enhancement bonus equivalent of +13 (enhancement bonus up to +10).
Cloaks of resistance, rings of deflection, amulets of natural armor or mighty fists may have bonuses up to +7.
Ability enhancement items may have bonuses up to +8.
etc. (be sure to run other cases by me)
Metamagic rods that work on spells up to 12th level are available.

In counting the number of items, a wondrous item counts once per srd entry. I.e. a Headband of mental superiority +8 counts as one, while an amulet of mighty fists +7, natural armor +7 counts as two.

Mythic items for you

For the most part, mythic Items exist, and would not be helpful to you as you are not mythic. But there are exceptions, so I’ll go over them:

Armor qualities:
Deflecting, Denying – exist and a conceivably useful to non-mythic characters
Resonating – exists, not useful to non-mythic characters (you)

Weapon qualities:
Disjoining – does not exist. (breaks down for expected crits per round greater than 1)
Harvesting – exists, with the addition that if the weapon is not legendary and the user is not mythic, it still drains one MP from the enemy.
Mythic Bane – Exists and is quite useful for any character who fights mythic things (you)
Potent – exists, not useful to non-mythic characters (you)
Sacrosanct – exists, I expect any of you with divine power and weapons have weapons which are sacrosanct.

Specific Weapons and Armor
These exist.

Other Items
Ambrosia – something like this may exist, but it’s a lot harder to get than 10,000gp
The rest of these exist, and may or may not be useful.
The cloak of resistance like items can be brought up to 7/8


The downtime in this campaign is likely to be measured in minutes. Do not expect any time to craft. I have no particular desire to work out a sensible system for epic crafting. So I’m just going to say no crafting feats, unless someone has a problem with this.


Do not assume you will be able to find places to buy/sell items, especially epic items.
You are considered to posses all necessary components for spells (within some semblance of reason. E.g. You do not posses every possible component for fabricate).

Gear Rules

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