House rules

Work in progress.

General House Rules

DR/Epic – requires a weapon with an enhancement bonus of +6. Not a total equivalent bonus of +6
as stated in the mythic book. Further, standard paladin smite does not overcome DR/Epic

Each player may have only one permanent companion taking combat actions, things will be moving slow enough as is.

The overrun combat maneuver does not exist.

Relatedly, if you want to perform a maneuver in combat for which there are no rules, you probably can with a CMB check.


Asmodeus represents the greatest threat in the history of Golarion, and all Golarion rises in its defense. You may play any character from the history of Golarion who might reasonably be of the appropriate power level in 330 ARA. (That’s pretty much anyone. Dead characters return as outsiders? Sure. Powerful NPCs from the standard Golarion setting, or one of my previous campaigns? Sure. Previously unknown character whose had profound impacts on various parts of the word? Also good.)
The following restrictions apply:
Alignment: Not Evil, and must be opposed to Asmodeus ruling everything forever.
Playing a former PC: If you wish to play the future version of someone else’s PC, you must have their permission.
No deities: Divine heralds are fine, anything that can grant spells is not.
No more than 25 class levels: This rules out a very few NPCs. E.g. from the standard setting, Tar-Baphon or Nex is borderline. No NPC in my Vampire campaign was above that. From 300 ARA, this rules out the most powerful archmages and divine agents.
You must have a way to fit through doors and manipulate objects.

Absolutely everything is by my approval only. I reserve the right to disallow anything for any reason.
(I intend to disallow very little, nevertheless, be aware of this)
Some things I definitely disallow:

no positive feedback loops (if it does infinite damage, it’s not allowed)
no leadership

Character Creation

For the start of this campaign, bring your character to 25 class levels.
If you’re starting with an existing character with class levels, you may retrain some of them.

This is not effective level 25, this is 25 class levels. Add any appropriate templates on top of that (if the appropriate template does not exist, I’ll make it). The only exception being if you have more than 4 racial hit die. In that case, talk to me.

(Note that I said appropriate. The Angel will have outsider hit die and abilities. The Vampire Lord will have a custom Vampire Lord template. If you present me a character with the half-fiend, half-celestial, and half-dragon templates, I will not be happy with you. You do not want that.)

Once all characters are to this point, I will adjust them to make all characters similar in power level. Depending on how much spread there is, this will take the form of some combination of boons, levels, or character changes. I’m not overly concerned about balance, but all characters should be able to shine. If one character is doing more than twice as much as another trying to optimize for damage, that’s a problem. I’m all for optimizing, but if you think something is broken, don’t do it. When in doubt, just ask.

If you’re creating a character from scratch or using an NPC without stats, use a 20 point buy.
Add a +5 inherent bonus to each stat from wishes, if not already present.

Money/Gear: Gear Rules
I haven’t quite decided how to do this yet. As soon as I come up with a good way to ensure that piles of gear don’t eclipse the characters, while being consistent with the wealth you have access to, I’ll post it.

The more hooks you have into Golarion and its history, the better.

House rules

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